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 ice-storm and water peace

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PostSubject: ice-storm and water peace   Mon Sep 18, 2006 10:42 am

name: ice-strom
breed: ice and water horse
powers:he can control anything to do with ice and water and can use othe magle powers
herds:he walk around with his sister he lost his herd to fire and lava horses

backgrounds:he was born in a small unknow herd he had his twin sister and they where just playing around past a hill when lava and fire horses attached their herd and killed them off the saw all this happed they turned and ran as well they ran for along time
they traveld till the came to the misty vally

presontaily:he cocky rude and mean at times but if you dig down deep inside you can see he nice friendly and playfull he can be protive of his sister and hate being around if she crying he like to talk but not very much

name: water peace
breed:ice and water horeses
powers:she can controy water and wind and ice like her brother but can use her powers for helpping him or her to cross a brige or somthing like that ^^
herds:she comes for the same herd as ice storm
backgrounds:she was born in the same herd as ice storm but was neerly chased down by one of lava fire horse learders her brother killed thelerder of the herd and they been running for the herd for years and weeks till the came to the misty vally

presontaily:she shy nice loving and carinf she love to play and loves smiling but hates see others sad she has a small crash on gunner for the first time she had met him
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ice-storm and water peace
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