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 Quaydo and Sophie the Ukrin

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PostSubject: Quaydo and Sophie the Ukrin   Wed Sep 20, 2006 1:03 am

Name: Quaydo
Sex: Male
Age: Adult
Mate: Sophie
Breed: Ukrin
class: Ukrin prince
Powers: he has the power to purify anything his horn touches, such as air, water, food it will remove any poisons, he can also run at the speed of light, meaning he is invisible and he can get to grait distances in a short time, but her rarly ever uses this power to its fullest ability

Background: Quaydo dosnt know much about his herd, his mother ran away befor he was born, after she was aranged to mate with a ukrin king, after they mated thow she ran away because she did not love him, later on she died and left quaydo alon. but she had told him of the herd so he went out looking for it, he was welcomed with grait enthusiams because his horn represented a grait leader, that they had been missing, because the king could only mate once, for a very short time he took his place as prince, he fell in love with another female ukrin but she was outside his class, so when the time came for him to choos a life mate him and his love ran away. Quaydo has a sister as well, but he lost her and has yet to find her, she was lost wile they were young and even from such a young age he still hasent lost hope.

Persinality: the ukrin breed are genraly very easy going, and kind, because they have unicorn blood, they will fight to protect there honer and ther loved ones, quaydo is very karing and loving, he is also very wise and smart, alot of other animals look up to him for advice and grait storys of history.

(Quaydo is the horse one the left)


Name: Sophie
Sex: Female
Age: Adult
Mate: Quaydo
Breed: Ukrin
class: Ukrin common horse
Powers: very little mind telepathy

Background story: Sophie was born and raised within the herd, she was classed as a ukrin common horse, so unfortunatly her past is very dull and short, it mostly involved working and very little time to spend alon

Persinality: friendly, quite and loyal, she is also very strong and requiers respect

THE REFRENCE: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/40097441/
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Quaydo and Sophie the Ukrin
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