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PostSubject: Hoodoo   Wed Sep 20, 2006 1:07 pm

Age-In teens
Powers-Can control fire using her tail
Appernce-When she was getting her powers from the deomon,the demon markings on her body for unknown reasons
Backround info-
A powerful deamon was getting stronger so he had 2 get rid some of his power.
Soooo he kipknapped young Hoodoo and put some of his power in2 Hoodoo's tail up, Hoodoo escaped from the deamons lair and went bak 2 her herd but they did not expect her saying she was a deamon
sooooooooooo Hoodooo got very upstet and she used her tail 2 kill all of her herd (wow evil horsey)
She discorved all of her power came when her tail was down sooo sshe tied it up, sooo when she is fighting she lets her tail down. she now justs wonders the land and ended up in misty-vally all by herself
presontail-she gets annoying very easily and she would kill anything!

This one of fist horses I hav EVER done sooooooo be nice XD
Heres a pic of her http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/40118515/
<3 Very Happy

The evil admin in all of her evil glory
Horses r coming soon
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