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 Your Horse's Turn Human *is shocked*

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PostSubject: Your Horse's Turn Human *is shocked*   Mon Aug 13, 2007 2:44 pm

A young girl was walking down the street, she had ovile green eye's and chocolate Brown hair, she had a large brown bag in her arm's and it made it difficulted to see over them, she hummed happily to there self, why? becauses it was the chrismas holiday's!
and everyone was going to spend it with there family...but sadly again this year she would be speading it alone...it sort of pained her to see all the loving coloup's walking around with hand entwied an kissing under mistoe...she wished she could do that once in a while..or even in a blue moon, she let out a small sighed and contained walking.

Snow fell gentle, she had a nice big baggy jacket that was too big for her, but it ketped her warm with a cream colored jumper under it and a long free chocolate colored flowing skirt, she was quite warm, with bigg furry boot's, and a creamy wool hate that ketped her ears and head war.

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Your Horse's Turn Human *is shocked*
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