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 New Rules!

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PostSubject: New Rules!   Mon Dec 17, 2007 7:25 am

Yes people new rules!
Same as the old ones but better! Very Happy

~General Rules~
1-You can be anyone
2-Don't annoy anyone
3-Be nice to everything and everyone you meet
4-You can help us in anyway you think is ok
5-Anyone can be what the are no telling them to grow up
6-If your getting problems by one of the members PM me!
7-The evil admin can ban u at anytime, so be plz be careful what u say!
8. No Spam but spam topic is coming soon!
9. You can get banned if your inactive for over a year!
10. Hav fun!

~Rp Rules~
1-You can fight but not death matches!
2- You can ask ppl to join as long as you not them or say at the bottom well this person reply plz ^^
3-Give us pic fo your Horses
4- You can kill your horse but your going to PM me!
5- PM me for help!
6. Up to 10 chars!
8. Bi or gay chars are fine but don't annoy straight horses! (automatic ban!)

~Mating Rules~
1-One male to a female and one female to male ((got it?))
2-No cheating
3. NO HOMEWREACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
4. U can hav foals but not over 100
5. No parents killing foals!

Well thats done!

Any rule breaking!
An automatic ban for 2-7 days
depends what rule u broke

Happy role playing!

The evil admin in all of her evil glory
Horses r coming soon
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New Rules!
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